We focus on selected areas of expertise in which we guarantee the highest quality. In particular, we rely on our wide-ranging specialist knowledge and many years of experience in order to use this knowledge profitably. In principle, we provide our services at any construction phase.

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01 / 04 Construction Management

Construction Management

Our scope of works includes all tasks of a professional construction management for investors. We’re covering the whole investment process, including:

  • Coordination and guidance through the design phase and all later planning phases
  • Creation or verification of the investment budget
  • Preparation and carrying out of tenders
  • Selection of contractors on behalf of the investor
  • Contractual agreements with suppliers, subcontractors, or general contractors
  • Coordination and control of the building process
  • Control of construction schedule
  • Cost control
  • Quality control
  • Construction progress settlements and control of invoicing
02 / 04 Value Engineering

Value Engineering

We focus on optimization of construction projects and fit-out works. This affects both the technical and temporal context and ultimately also financially.

We regularly prove that we are able to reduce construction costs significantly. Growing material and labor costs cause more and more problems to investors. Due to international partnerships, we reduce purchase costs and often act as a source of ideas for designers considering alternative products and solutions.

A small selection of our most recent Value Engineering activities:

  • Office building in Poland with 41,400 m2 GFA
    Investor’s budget Shell & Core 136.1 million PLN –> 32.4 million EUR
    Contract value negotiated with general contractor 107.3 million PLN –> 25.5 million EUR
    Cost reduction: 21,3%


  • Office building in Poland with 24,200 m2 GFA
    Investor’s budget Shell & Core 83.4 million PLN –> 19.9 million EUR
    Contract amount negotiated with general contractor 72.2 million PLN –> 17.2 million EUR
  • Cost reduction: 13,6%


  • Office building in Germany with 23,850 m2 GFA, KfW 40 Plus
    Lowest available building price negotiated by the investor including Shell & Core and tenant fit-out – 57.6 million EUR
    Fixed total costs agreed with client – 46.8 milion EUR
    Cost reduction: 18.8%


  • Hotel in Poland with 254 rooms and 13,500 m2 GFA
    Investor’s budget including FF&E – 98.6 million PLN –> 23.5 million EUR
    Total construction costs including FF&E – 86.3 million PLN –> EUR 20.6 million
    Cost reduction: 12,3%


  • Mercedes car dealership in Poland with 5,600 m2 GFA
    Investor’s budget 34.4 million PLN –> 8.2 million EUR
    Contract amount negotiated with general contractor 24.2 million PLN –> 5.7 million EUR
    Cost reduction: 30,5%


  • VW car dealership in Poland with 6,100 m2 GFA
    Investor’s budget 34.4 million PLN –> 8.2 million EUR
    Contract amount negotiated with general contractor 27.7 million PLN –> 6.6 million EUR
    Cost reduction: 14,3%


  • Tenant fit-out and furniture in Germany of 14,800 m2 GLA
    Investor’s budget 52.9 million PLN –> 12.6 million EUR
    Final cost 47.2 million PLN –> 11.2 million EUR
    Cost reduction: 11,1%


  • Tenant fit-out in Poland with 5,700 m2 GLA
    Investor’s budget 13.4 million PLN –> 3.2 million EUR
    Final cost 9.8 million PLN –> 2.3 million EUR
    Cost reduction: 28,1%


  • Tenant fit-out in Poland with 5,600 m2 GLA
    Initial budget 10.6 million PLN –> 2.5 million EUR
    Final cost 8.3 million PLN –> 2.0 million EUR
    Cost reduction: 20,0%
03 / 04 Due Diligence

Due Diligence

Our employees have extensive experience in technical audits. The building’s condition is checked by experienced civil, plumbing and electrical engineers and professionals who review the formal and legal aspects of the construction and development process.

Our due diligence services include, for example

  • Inspection of the building, with focus on structural elements, facades, roof, electrical and mechanical installations and finishing works.
  • Comparison with technical requirements, standards and building regulations.
  • Review of the building documentation (equipment index, usage permit, service measurements).
  • Defect reports, identification of technical or formal deviations.
  • Recommendations and cost estimation for repairs and modernization works, including and preparation of time schedules
04 / 04 Claim Management

Claim Management

Successful claim management is a combination of recording and presentation of construction-related contexts, legal frameworks and enforcement of claims.

There are different perspectives between client and contractor. A structured approach to planning and enforcing claims is essential.

We support clients in analysis, evaluation of the reasons and amount until the contractual correct implementation of cost claims or their defense.

Our scope of works includes for example:

  • Analysis and interpretation of contract provisions and building contract basics, such as calculation (what is within the scope)
  • Analysis of causes, consequences and impact of performance deviations
  • Analysis of project documentation and scheduling
  • Analysis and calculation of additional costs as a result of a changed or disrupted construction process
  • Determination of extension of construction time and as a result related costs in the event of construction time deviations
  • Analysis and calculation of additional costs in the event of canceled or postponed services
  • Opinions / Arbitrations / Strategic Advice
  • Risk Analysis